Risk-Based Delay Analysis

Potential risks with anticipated delay can be linked with your activities in the project schedule (Primavera Schedule). This feature of RimpeX allows you to do delay analysis of the entire project schedule due to the potential risks and issues. The system also recommends you mitigation steps to bring the date back with a recovery schedule.

How it works?

It is a very simple procedure.
Every risk posted in the project to be reviewed by planner/scheduler. If he finds its anticipated delay affects directly on an activity in the project schedule then he has to assign the Activity ID of the activity in the schedule with the risk. If you use Oracle Primavera as your scheduling software then it is very easy simply specify the Activity ID will read the updated data from the project schedule. For other software, you need to export using an MS Excel template.

Impact due to one risk

You can see the impacted activity due to one potential risk with its successors and milestone activities in the standard Gantt chart under various WBS. You can simulate graphically the impact on the project by a single click.

Impact on the project schedule

Similar to the individual risk test, you will get all the risks linked to the schedule with impacted activities and milestones. RimpeX allows you to do various test with different risk combinations to understand how the risk affects on milestones and project completion. This method will assist you to arrive a suitable strategy to make an efficient recovery schedule.